GUT Responds

President of the Grenada Union of Teachers, Mr Lydon Lewis, has responded to the Education Minister’s press release, which stated that there is no provision for teachers to carry out what was described as a stress break.

Via a telephone conversation with WPG10, the Union leader said that Education Minister Emmaline Pierre has once again put her foot in her mouth claiming that she doesn’t understand the issues. He said that the matters now being negotiated with the government doesn’t concern her, but is only between the Union and Government’s negotiating team.

Mr Lewis chided the Education Minister saying that the press release that was sent out showed a lack of knowledge and didn’t actually address the issues at hand, which are pension and gratuity.

The Union President considered it a low blow for the “Education Minister” to attack the pockets of teachers who already made sacrifices during the structural adjustment program.

The Grenada Union of Teachers, he says will not back down as they continue their fight to get what was promised.

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