Thieves among us? – Health Minister Responds To Pilfering Claims

Minister Nickolas Steele responded to the outcry from the Presidents of the Public Workers’, Nurses and Doctors’ Associations, as it relates to recent comments made by Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell, who claimed that there was a lot of pilfering occurring at the medical facilities in the island.

 He made these statements while speaking at an International forum in New York on the weekend.

The Minister said that any investigations would be kept under wraps until the findings are reported.

The Prime Minister himself has released a statement in attempts to clarify his comments. He says that there are those in the public service who are using government resources for their benefits.

The Prime Minister says that he has continuously made statements condemning corrupt practices in government. Dr Mitchell believes that such practices are damaging the socio-economic well-being of the country.

Health Minister Nikolas Steele says he’s standing by the Prime Minister’s words and echoes the sentiment saying that supplies have gone missing at medical institutions, causing the government to spend money unnecessarily.

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