Rotten Souls Gets Exposed

Grammy award nominee and Grammy award winner, Jah Cure and DJ Frass, released the music video for their latest single “Rotten Souls,” earlier this month The track is one of 10 on DJ Frass’ album  Road To Success, which features an all-star cast including Sean Paul, Alkaline and Shenseea.

The release of the video wasn’t without some controversy, as Jah Cure came under fire for failing to recognise his ghostwriter for her work on this particular single and others when the song was initially released. He was listed on the track as the lyricist and DJ Frass is the producer.

However, St Lucian songwriter, Tamara John, who also goes by the name Lady Stone, took to social media to reveal that it was her who wrote the song. In her tirade on a live Facebook post, she spoke of the struggles and rigmarole she faced when trying to resolve the issue with Jah Cure. 

Following the rant, she was eventually contacted by Jah Cure’s publisher, who told her reggae artiste did not pass on her information so she couldn’t be rightfully credited for her work.


During a recent interview, Jah Cure broke the long silence to say that it was not his responsibility to credit John on the song. He admitted that he worked with the songwriter occasionally, but did not deny that she wrote the song. He noted that it was the producer’s responsibility to ensure she was adequately credited before the record was released.

Despite the drama, the music video still saw the light of day after it had been shot since last month.

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