Harsh Words For Health Minister

“Bobbing Minister”, that’s the name that Trade Union Council President, Andre Lewis gave to Health Minister, Nickolas Steele. This was in reference to the mere nod that Mr. Steele allegedly gave when questioned about the Prime Minister’s recent pilfering remarks.

At the Unions’ solidarity gathering held on Saturday, Mr Lewis slammed what he called the “disrespectful” statements of Prime Minister Keith Mitchell when speaking to Grenadian nationals in New York a few weeks ago.

He believed the comments damaged the reputation of the workers in the sector.

The Union President said that the doctors and nurses, who work at the various medical institutions, are hard working and deserve better treatment from the head of state.

Additionally, another Union President, Mr George Mason, who presides over the Commercial Industrial Workers Union, expressed disgust at the manner in which health care workers are being treated on the island.

The Unions will continue to stand up for their rights with the possibility of more rallies and gatherings in the near future.


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