Compensation Being Sought 35 Years Later

A British-based, human rights group is calling for compensation for the October 25th invasion of Grenada back in 1983.

The Committee for Human Rights in Grenada (CHRG) has released a statement claiming that the United States stepped beyond their bounds when they invaded the island a few days after then Prime Minister Maurice Bishop was killed.

They claim that the reasons for the invasion was false and may have actually been against international law.

The group claimed that recent documents released, stated that the airport was not being built for military purposes, which was declared as one of the main reasons for the invasion, as US authorities believed that the airport being built at Point Salines, was going to be used by Cuba.

A detailed report from one of the contractors of the airport, Plessy, pointed to this revelation.

The group believed that the US feared that Cuba was going to spread communism to the rest of the region, using this airport as a military base for their propaganda.

The group believes that the US must compensate Grenadians who were adversely affected.


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