Jamaican Opposition Calls Holness Government Most Corrupt In History

Dr Peter Phillips, Opposition leader for the People’s National Party Jamaica, has called the Holness-led administration, the most corrupt in the country’s history. The remarks came at the PNP’s 80th Annual Conference at the National Arena, Kingston, on Sunday.

Dr Phillips listed several controversies presently plaguing the government, including the high cost of government officials’ cell phone and travel bills. He said that the JLP government has more scandals than there are plastic bags in the Riverton City dump.

The Opposition leader was dubbed “Mr Fix-It” by the thousands of delegates gathered for the convention.

The PNP accused the government of gross nepotism and said Andrew Holness failed to provide real transparency to the public.

Elections were also held for the Vice Presidency of the party with  Damion Crawford, a Senator, Mikael Phillips and Wyckham McNeill coming out on top.

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