Grenada Files First Case With CCJ

Grenada has filed its first case with the Caribbean Court of Justice.

The case was filed on Monday, September 25th and will seek to find legal redress for the Gilbert family of Grenada. It will seek compensation and resolution after the family alleged mistreatment from members of the Royal Barbados Police Force in October of 2016.

While on a trip to Barbados for visa renewal, the family of four was detained up after a store clerk made a report to the police that a cell phone had been stolen. The clerk pointed a finger at one of the members of the family, Tamika Gilbert.

The family, while in custody, denied the theft and suggested that their belongings be searched. However, they were subject to humiliating strip searches by members of the police force.

The family along with their lawyer is waiting on a hearing date for the case to proceed.




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