Murder in St. Kitts

Government Minister’s son slain


Mickail “Mitch” Liburd

THE SON OF A ST KITTS GOVERNMENT minister has become the 20th homicide there this year.

Reports out of Basseterre say 31-year Mickail “Mitch” Liburd, the son of Works Minister Ian Patches Liburd was killed last night near his home.
Local media reports say the young Liburd was out playing dominoes with friends when he got a call – and left.
Reports are that when he drove up to the home he shared with his girlfriend, shots rang out and Liburd, who appeared to have been struck by one or more bullets, ran away from the property but collapsed in some nearby shrubbery. It was said the assailants followed and shot the young man at close range before fleeing the scene.
Residents reported seeing at least four assailants.
The incident bore a striking resemblance to a previous attempt on Liburd’s life in January of 2014, while he was living with his father.
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