Drowning in Lance Aux Epines

Tinnisha Charles, a resident of Lance Aux Epines, St. George is left a widow and a single mother after her 32-year-old husband, Kelon Charles lost his life on a beach in the same area.
Kelon Charles, 32

While his death came to her as a shock, her focus now is survival. The distraught mother said there is nothing more to do than to be strong for her two children, who are in mourning. There was nothing but tears between them both.

Tinnisha’s life will be challenging as a single mother, as Kelon was the primary source of support in the home. But she now has the aid of the Ministry of Social Development, who reached out to her and offered counselling and assistance in sending the children to school, which she is grateful for.

Tinnisha gave an account of what happened to her husband when he lost his life on that fateful day. The autopsy ruled that her husband had drowned, as there was water in his lungs. She wanted to dispel any rumours of foul play.




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