St George and St David Declared Disaster Zones After Widespread Damage From Heavy Rainfall

According to Senator Winston Garraway, the minister responsible for Disaster Management, the total cost of damages caused by Wednesday’s incessant rainfall – which is yet to be determined – could be well into the millions.

Senator Garraway said, based on the preliminary reports, an excess of 60 landslides were experienced in the parish St. David alone. He said the island had suffered major damage mainly in St. David and St. George. Nine homes were compromised, and accommodations had to be made to relocate the families affected.

Roads in St David were turned in to raging rivers
The St John’s River broke its banks to flow into the streets on River Road

During an emergency meeting held early Thursday morning, Senator Garraway said among the things discussed was the urgency of bringing citizens back to a state of normalcy. In the meantime, the two parishes were declared disaster areas.

The response to cleaning blocked drains and roadways along the eastern main road and the National Stadium has been expeditious. Senator Garraway said the clean-up was not only left to the government, as persons took the bull by the horns and began their own cleaning.

The WPG10 team caught up with a heavy machinery operator in River Road on Thursday, who has been working tirelessly to clear debris since Wednesday evening. He said that he was unsure as to when his work will end because now they are roving and will be going to several affected areas around the island.

The flooding, according to Garraway, has highlighted the extent of illegal dumping on the island.



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