Conception Dance Theatre Set To Perform At Grenada Day in New York


Grenada’s very own Conception Dance Group will be showcasing a cultural performance at the Grenada Day New York event, carded for August 26th. Grenada Day celebrates rich Grenadian heritage and brings the Grenadian Diaspora in New York together, where they can share, showcase and seek to preserve local culture.

Cecelia Griffith, trouper leader, said it is a worthwhile opportunity to have the group perform at the event. She believes that the dancers will do a great job of representing the country through its performance.

Mr Angus Steele, who has been managing the logistics of the trip to New York, enforced the sentiment that the group will give a wonderful performance. Speaking to the fact that it is the Conception Dance Group’s first time representing Grenada at such an event, he encouraged the group to get out there and “break ah leg.”

The tickets to New York were generously paid for by the NLA through a partnership with the Grenada Tourism Authority.

This year is the 10th anniversary of Grenada Day and it will include an awards ceremony to honour individuals who have made tremendous contributions towards the development of the annual event since its inception in 2009.

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