Up Not Too Late @10

How Tahira Burke found her way on TV at 10 PM

IN TYPICAL STYLE, I saw 10 @ 10 on a mocking board; and through my unforgiving nosiness I asked what was that about.

IN TYPICAL STYLE, I saw 10 @ 10 on a mocking board; and through my unforgiving nosiness, I asked what was that about.

A new television show I was told. “I am kinda playing around a few ideas in my head.”

That is where sometimes it all starts with my producer. And then it might make its way to a scrap paper. And sometimes thrown away. Sometimes deliberately. Sometimes unintentionally.

But those crazy ideas that finally make their way to a screen near you, normally starts at 3 AM – or thereabouts.

“So what exactly is that television show,” I asked.

“An entertainment show. Music video based,” was the reply.

“So another Caribbean Soundtrack then?” I retort.

“Nah not really. A different kind of flow; A different kind of vibe. Something that includes exploring the European dance scene and the African music scene; and something that’s driven by the viewers. They through various means will determine in the end what they watch.”

“So what exactly the plans for the show? What it entails? Who will do it? “

I think it will be you,” my producer said. “I am thinking, but I think you can fit that vibe. It will be a top 10 countdown, and it will be at 10 PM weekdays; hence the name 10@10.”

So now I know my new challenge. When we work at West Park Global Media, you are thrown new challenges all the time. You are dared to explore new boundaries.

I have heard it like a stuck record in my ears over and over, these past six years I have been here.

So you just want to walk through this door, and just be another person that had a job – and don’t want to soar, and excel and find new levels?

If you are satisfied with what is; then you’re in the wrong place.

So my new gig at 10, I have to make sure that we keep pushing. Never settling for what is. For after all, it will soon strike midnight. I have been repeatedly told that this might be madness; but trust the process because there is a method to it.

I’ll find out that method along the way. But let’s have some fun while we do. At 10. Not too late I hope.

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