JAMAICA’S OPPOSITION PEOPLE’S NATIONAL PARTY filed a lawsuit in Supreme Court against the Attorney General and the Government, seeking to delay the implementation of the National Identification System.


The motion challenges the constitutionality of sections of the National Identification and Registration Act, 2017.

Speaking at a media briefing Tuesday, PNP President Peter Phillips, said the system is a violation of people’s privacy.

The National Identification System will store identity information of all Jamaicans by providing each resident with a random 9-digit identification number which they will use for the remainder of their life.

Phillips said the party was seeking an order that sections of the legislation be deemed null and void and be struck down.

In February, Phillips declared the intention of the PNP to take the matter to the Constitutional Court arguing that he would not allow the sections of the law that encroached on the constitutional rights of the people to go unchallenged.


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