GRENADA’S MAIN OPPOSITION National Democratic Congress, led by lawyer Nazim Burke has given its strongest hint yet that it will seek to derail a second attempt at Grenada making the CCJ its final appellate court, in a statement it issued this week.


NDC, which lost all the seats in the last general elections, says it will demand electoral reform first before it backs any moves.

  The party did not make a declarative statement about the merit or demerits of joining the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in its latest statement, but instead listed a series of laments about the Grenada electoral process.

  Its statement failed to indicate that the issue of electoral reform was on the ballot for the last defeated referendum, which it also did not back, though former leader Tillman Thomas had given it a thumbs up in the initial process.

  A new bill that set in motion the process for a fresh vote on the issue of the CCJ was introduced in the Grenada parliament this week.

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