A SMALL GROUP OF OPPOSITION PROTESTERS in St Kitts and Nevis picketed the Prime Minister’s office in Basseterre on Wednesday calling for his resignation.


The opposition there is seeking to up the ante on Prime Minister, Timothy Harris, who they maintain was implicated in a bribery scandal involving troubled British tycoon. Peter Singh Virdee.

In matters before a British court, Virdee, in a recorded telephone conversation referenced bribing high ranking political officials in Antigua and St Kitts.

The swirling accusations have forced the resignation of Senior Antigua Minister, Asot Michael.

The office of St Kitts’ Prime Minister, Harris, has denied any contact with Virdee regarding the matters referenced.

Well-respected Kittian Queen’s Counsel, Charles Wilkin, is now calling for full disclosure on the matter.

Wilkin said until further information emerges, Kittians should allow Prime Minister Harris the presumption of innocence, but also stated that his blanket denial is not sufficient.

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