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Wendy Chasteau returns as the foremost Grenadian prime time news presenter with PRIME TIME CHASTEAU.


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Wendy Chasteau presents newsmakers and experts to discuss and analyse the stories that are driving today’s news. Tune in weekdays at 7 pm.

“So you think you can do this? Well come up and try let me hear you.” That was the dare I got because I made one phone call in my first summer after high school. That summer a radio station YSFM was started. It was not like now. The airwaves were not that populated. I had called that new station to complain that they were closing for a few hours in the middle of the day – cutting short my morning entertainment of a different kind of music we were being exposed to. That was my first interaction with Hamlet Mark.

I started work the next day, learning the ropes. By the time I got myself on air a few weeks later, I was rechristened Wendy C. So radio was my first media exposure. Years later, Hamlet Mark had become General Manager of the Grenada Broadcasting Network. He called again. “I know you have never done TV. But come and try this out nah”
I was asked to stand up in front a camera and read. “Wow. Man you good to go,” he said.
I was on the job the next day. And the main TV news presenter weeks later.Wendy C had graduated
into the full Wendy Chasteau.

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