About Us

WPG 10 is a Caribbean-themed television channel broadcasting a variety of live news, and produced syndicate shows that cover such themes as entertainment, sports and current affairs.

We believe that as part of the concept of regional development we must encourage and promote regional images and help craft the regional narrative of all aspects of life.

The promotion of the region has to be regarded as a matter of value for genuine regional integration and development.

Our concept is to develop a worthy, world-class quality channel – with top industry-standards production and the delivery of full-digital content.

In this new environment, everyone has the power to tell their own story…
Our Caribbean civilization has its own powerful story….
And so we declare, we are there with you!
We are now part of this journey…
We are your storytellers….


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Contact Info

NIS Complex
Melville Street, Studio 1
St. Georges, Grenada

Phone: 1.473.435.4310
Email: info@wpg10.com
Web: wpg10.com