CARICOM Comments On Venezuela Crisis

The Caribbean Community CARICOM, has released a statement in relation to the ongoing political turmoil in the South American country of Venezuela.

After a meeting by video conference on January 24 by leaders of member states, the organization released a statement saying “

“Heads of Government are following closely the current unsatisfactory situation in Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, a neighboring Caribbean country. They expressed grave concern about the plight of the people of Venezuela and the increasing volatility of the situation brought about by recent developments which could lead to further violence, confrontation, breakdown of law and order and greater suffering for the people of the country.”

The regional body further abides by the principle that the sovereignty of countries should be respected and implores foreign powers not to use military force in the ongoing political crisis, which could destabilize the situation even more.

They also offered their leaders’ offices as a means of providing peaceful dialogue and arbitration between the parties.

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