25% Gratuity Figure Questionable

A meeting by union representatives with the island’s Labour Commissioner reportedly broke down earlier today. Reports are that the Grenada Union of Teachers President, Lydon Lewis, refused a request to provide evidence of the much declared 25% gratuity payment.

According to WPG10 sources, President Lydon Lewis told Labor Commissioner Cyrus Griffith that the Union doesn’t need to provide evidence of the proposed figure and suggested that Commissioner do his own research.

Officials say that the Ministry of Labor were refusing to comment on the version of this report, which was verified by our news desk by two separate sources.

However, in an official release on Wednesday, the Commissioner is writing to the Unions in the island, formally requesting that they produce documentation proving the validity of the claim.

Our newsroom has obtained a copy of the MOU that does not seem to make reference to any 25% gratuity payment.

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