Loitering To Be A Criminal Offence?

Director of Education in Antigua and Barbuda is pushing to make loitering, once considered a minor inconvenience, into a criminal offence.

Mr Clare Browne believes that school children have been engaging in mischief and other illicit activities when they are left on their own after school hours. He thinks the problem has gone on for far too long and now stringent actions need to be taken.

One of the proposals is that parents and guardians of children caught loitering should sign a release form before the child can be returned. The children will be in the protection of the police stations when picked up.

The capital of St. Johns has become a haven for loitering especially by school children, and the Director asserts it’s time to take full charge. He states that he will be working along with lawmakers to make loitering a criminal offence and is encouraging the police force to ensure that they enforce the law.


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